We have a scenario in which we would like to submit complete xml when the maestro form is submitted.


The challenge is currently we do not have any objects/ Blocks mapped to Customer1Details, and that is why in our form submitted xml Customer1Details are not going through, as shown below.



  1. Ben Warner

    Hey Rafay, could you clarify: 1. Where did the xml schema come from? 2. Was it designed for the form or for a down stream system? 3. Why is Customer1Details in the Schema if it is not in the form? Why does it need to be there? Thanks, BW.

  2. Chris Reid

    Hi Ben, We're using a collab job to link 2 applicant submissions together: The first applicant submits the form - their details are captured in the 'CustomerDetails' section The collab job moves their details to the 'Customer1Details' section, and populates a task using the same form, and assigns it to the second applicant. They then use the same fields on the form to populate their details, which are captured in 'CustomerDetails'. The second submission needs to retain the 'Customer1Details' data, even though there are no fields on the form corresponding to those XML nodes. We built the schema manually using XML spy. Cheers, Chris

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