I am trying to integrate a javascript library for Google's phone validation using https://github.com/googlei18n/libphonenumber.  I have been able to hook up some simple libraries through Maestro with success, however this has a list of dependencies and is throwing errors that I have been unable to omit.  I have wrapped the library in a namespace and believe I can target it at the moment, however it is throwing errors to what I believe to be Angular based.  My 2 questions on this would be if anyone has worked with libraries like this would be if a library with a large number of dependencies such as this one is a good candidate for a Maestro Javascript library or the integration of a github repo, or how I might try and integrate this using the External URL option as I have been uploading the file as a resource at this time and have been trying to reach it through a namespace I have set up.  

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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