Hi Team,

I have created a Custom Component and published it to the my project library. 

I have next created a form and dragged the component into the form.

I have made modifications to the custom component in the form as it

I now want to save the changes I made to the component in the form so that I can reuse it elsewhere.

When I select the modified component and try to publish, I get the error message "A component with this name already exists, Please type in another name."

The changes I made are pretty complex and would take some time to replicate from scratch so I would prefer not to do that.

Does the brains trust have any ideas/recommendations/paths I can investigate to publish the component changes I made in the form?


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      Hi Fred,

      I've had similar challenges with components and libraries and so on.

      If you delete the component from the library, then try to create a shared component from the one you have in the form, the system should allow you to create the shared component with whatever name you choose, because the original no longer exists.

      Be careful as you can't undo the delete resource action.

      Alternatively you can simply create a component with a different name; but then you end up with componentv1, v2, and so on. It may be worth doing that anyway, so that you have a fallback component if the above doesn't work as planned.

      Hope that helps.



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