I have a requirement to display a list of images dynamically (image names referred from a variable loaded dynamically by a service) and enable the user to multi-select from those images which has to be displayed in form submission page

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      Hi Sathiyachalam Baskar,

      Are those images links to url images or resources uploaded within your project?

      Maybe Graphical Radio Buttons to select them and image to display? You can use a repeat block to create dynamically the final page with them...

      Kind regards,


      1. Sathiyachalam Baskar

        Hi Julio Berrueco, Thank you for the response.

        Yes, the images are dynamic referred by externalized url, details available in a json object.

        We are looking for something similar to Graphical Radio Buttons within a Repeated block. Do you have a snippet that we can refer to load these dynamic images on page load... may be an onload script?

      2. Julio Berrueco

        Sorry I had a crazy week. I'll try to write a snippet in the next days. The idea if you are in a hurry is:

        1) Create a repeating item in your form and add the radio buttons or images (plus a rule to run the action you need for each)

        2) On form load you can call a DDS returning a json like:

        {["url":"http....","id":"id of the element to apply the image"]}

        3) Then you can create new repetitions of your item with:

        Form.addRepeatInstance(item, repeatData, transferFocus)

        (Maestro API Reference documentation)

        4) You will need to add with jqery the unique id for each button or image:

        $('radiobutton orimage').attr('id', uniqueid);

        5) And the apply the image source url:

        var newImageURL = 'htttp...."
        $('id-from-your-json img').attr('src', url-from-your-json.);

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