Hi Guys, 

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?


  1. Created a new form of version 1.0-develop. 
  2. Next I made changes and saved the form as version 1.1-develop. 
  3. I'm ready to publish to UAT but I want to publish the version 1.0-develop. 
  4. I then deleted version 1.0-develop and renamed 1.1-develop to version 1.0-develop. 
  5. Now when I try and build the form, I get this error message. 
  • I've tried to build with options and using a different name for the form, but that didn't work. 
  • I have also deleted the previous version of the form from UAT, but that also didn't work. 

Does anyone have any 

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      Hi Fred,

      from experience you'll need to contact Avoka support.

      When you publish a form it is published to a Maestro instance of TM (that us mere mortals don't have access to).

      So, even though you have deleted it from your TM instance and from your Maestro project, it still exists in the Maestro TM instance. So, when you try to publish again, the name conflict occurs because an item does exist with that name.

      If you contact support they can delete the item you want, then you can publish with a fresh start.

      I found that you need to be conscious and careful about naming forms and components, so that this situation does not occur. But it is a bit challenging if you decide to make a change, you need to go through this process of getting support to help out.

      Hope that makes sense and is of some help.



      1. Fred Storbeck

        Hey Mark,

        This is going to be very annoying when we try to refactor our forms using the recommended Avoka naming conventions, especially given the auto generated version numbers when creating new form versions. 

        I'll raise a support request and also suggest a feature request to allow developers to do this themselves.

        Cheers for the response, that was very helpful.


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