I have built a native component, imported the library to Maestro and added the component to a form.

Now I need to update the component to add an attribute for 'data-ng-model', so that the field value is included in the data model, and so that validation is triggered (at least that is what I am hoping will happen).

However, I have updated library.config.xml from 1 to 1.1.0, run 'gulp zip' and now trying to import the library to Maestro.

Maestro shows an error ' version 1.0.0 already exists'.

Do I need to delete the library before importing the latest version?

What impact will that have on the component, and any other components that use the original?

Should Maestro import the new library as a new version because 1.1.0 is different to 1.0.0?

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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