While working with my shared components in Maestro, I am seeing a duplicate script appear in my shared components once they are dropped into forms. These scripts are not bound to anything and are not removed when I clear the script from the shared component. They are also preventing XML bound values from prefilling.

When checking for references to the field in the shared component itself, there is only one reference to the field. Yet, once dropped into a form (even a blank form), there are two reference to the field, with the second script unbound. This has occurred multiple times in multiple shared components. How can I get rid of these extra scripts?

Maestro version: 17.10.4

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      Hi Daniel,

      This is a design time bug that is limited to this dialog and has no effect on the generated form. We have identified the cause of this issue and it has been fixed in the next maintenance release of Maestro.

      What is happening here is that this dialog is not filtering out the original rules as defined by the shared component as when we include a shared component in a form we keep a reference to the original values a provided by the shared component. In this case the second entry without a Rule type is the original version and cannot be edited. If you add change to the line of code displayed and do the Show References again, the one with the Rule:Click would show the updated code because that is the one that is defined on the form and the one that will be included in the generated form. In addition, if you click on the line of code in each entry then it will take you to the code which in this case will be the same rule on the same item.

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