I have an immediate need to generate a Delivery Receipt with additional data that isn't in the original form XML. After submission there are several JobActions that grab data from 3rd party systems. I need to add that data to the FormXml and re-render the receipt PDF to be sent via SFTP. 

I've been successful in altering the Maestro form by adding an "office use only" section that only displays in Receipt mode. The issue I'm having is TM immediately creates the receipt after submission and if I try to alter the formXml in a jobAction I get an error saying I can't do that. 

I think my only road block now is modifying the formXml within a jobAction and then re-rendering the receipt. I tried using:

Txn txn = new DeliveryTxnBuilder()

But I get a mySql error about a duplicate key. 

Any ideas how to achieve this? 

  1. Malcolm Edgar

    Hi Brad,

    can you provide the full stacktrace of the error this may provide more information about why this is failing, or the TM Error Log report if this is available.

    regards Malcolm

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