In our organisation we have a couple of libraries with native components stored. We were wondering if there is any way to automatically include them in every project, as well as control the version on a organisation-wide level instead of per project. The reasoning for this is we want to ensure consistency across forms, deliver a reduction in additional tasks (currently when I update the library I am going through each project 1-by-1 to update them, but this is a time consuming task), and these components are going to be used across a majority of our forms so having to do this manually is far from ideal.

Thanks for any assistance.

  1. Ryan Mazi Thomas

    Hi Daniel, 

    Please can you clarify the following:

    1. Is your library which contains the native components at the organisation or project level?
    2. How are you updating this library when you make changes to your native components?


  2. Daniel Reddacliff

    Hi Ryan,

    The library is at the Organisation level.

    When we make changes we use external editors and then import a new version using the import button.



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