When calling the background save function (Form.backgroundSave) I am getting the value "Save is disabled" from the promise result.

At the start of the form this function works as expected but as I progress through the form at one point it stops working. This promise does not trigger my call back afterwards which is breaking the form.

Older versions of my form currently does not have this issue and works all the way until submission. Something must have changed recently but I cannot figure out how to make sure the Save functionality is not disabled ever.

Currently on Maestro v17.10.6.

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      This happens in forms in 17.10.6 which are doing a Form.submit('Saved', ..., true) where the true is the skipPostSubmit and continuing in the form. This issue has been raised with the product team and the cause has been identified and will be fixed in the 17.10.7 maintenance release. If you contact the Avoka Client Services resource that is working with your team they will be able to help if this is causing issues before the maintenance release.

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