I have a form with a dynamic number of pages. If one of these pages is disabled and hidden from view, it will still show up on our PDF output, but as an extra blank page. How can I force this page to not be rendered as a blank page?

Thank you.

  1. Lin VanOevelen

    By 'dynamic number of pages', do you mean that there are visibility rules on those?

  2. Will Pierson

    Yes that's what I mean, their visibility is set to a false value.

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    Can you provide some more detail on how you are hiding your page in your form? Some code snippets showing your logic, screenshots of the page properties and details of any shared styles you have applied to your page would be handy.

    I have tried to replicate this using a standard Maguire form (18.05.03) and my test results in no blank page where the hidden page would normally be in the PDF receipt.

    Here is my test form: https://maestro.avoka.eu/web-plugin/servlet/SmartForm.html?formCode=hidepagereceipttest

    The form consists of 4 pages, but page 2 has a visibility rule which references a data field that has a false value, meaning page 2 is hidden. As you can see from the image below, there is no gap between page 1 and page 3 in the PDF receipt:


    1. Will Pierson

      Hi Ryan,

      Here is an example of a visibility rule on one of our pages. 

      data.setupType === "ScannerOnly" || data.includescannerpage === "Yes"

      We don't use too much styling, but I should add that this is a form that is created for the purpose of being generated for receipt output, there is another form where the data input occurs and this form displays that data from the XML mapping. 

      The only shared style we are using is 

      float:none !important;

      Which we discovered is needed to make page breaks would not appear. This style is located on the outer PageWrapper block seen here: 

      This template was created by Avoka Professional services to act as an output template with no styling on it so when the template is opened for a new form, it is only a blank page.

      Lastly, here is a screenshot of the properties for a page: 

      Thanks for your help,


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