Within the portal pages I would like to update the 'Accept' and 'Reject' buttons values.

I can see within the editable html pages for the terms and conditions page there is the following code:


<div id="termsAndConditions" class="span9">

How would I go about updating the reject button to be a different value, like 'Decline' ?

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      Hi Don,

      normally I'd insert the following HTML block instead of the "$termsConditionsForm.fields.reject" velocity placeholder:

      <input type="submit" name="reject" id="termsConditionsForm_reject" value="Reject" class="btn">

      now you can update ...value="Reject" ... to your desired button label

      Dont change the type, name and the id attributes as that would break the functionality of the Reject button.

      There might be other ways of how to updated the button's label on the client side (via CSS, JS) once the page is being loaded up in the browser.

      1. Don Sibley

        Thanks for the response. Yes this does work. The html when the page is loaded looks exactly like it does when you just use the velocity placeholder, except for the value change of course. I am curious though if anyone knows where the velocity placeholder data is originally set. Thanks again.

      2. Miroslav Botka

        The placeholders are usually auto-generated > serialization into html (string) of java UI objects

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