Hi! I have a single form application with multiple pages. The first page  has a mandatory field called firstName and in the second page I have another mandatory field called firstNameP2. Only the first field is including in the submission data and I put a reference in the firstNameP2 to take the same value as the first one. And in another page I have a summary for all the data where the save and resume button is.

When I'm doing the save and resume I'm having an error saying that the firstNameP2 is required.

For now i put in the form load options a validation that if firstName is not blank then assign the value to firstName2, but I don't think it's the best way to do it.

Someone knows a better way to do it?

  1. Julio Berrueco

    Hi Fabiola,

    I need some more info to understand where the issue is. It looks to me like the firstNameP2 has also a validation rule not empty. is this right?

    Is the validation error you see just when you click save or when you click in the link to resume it?

    Normally, when we need to use the value of one filed in several parts of our form, is a common practise to use the value from the first field, but never tried to link 2 fields to the same one in the xml map.

    So, field1 = "name" and validation rule mandatory.

    Calculation rule in field2 = value of field1

    Calculation rule in field summary = value of field1/ field2



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