How do you retain data in hidden fields. I have set it so that the 'Visibility Data Clearing Policy' is 'When Hiding - Don't Clear Data', but when I click submit the data is still being cleared.

  1. Chris Reid
    On the 'Submit' button, in the 'Submission' tab, check that you don't have 'Clear Hidden Data on Submit' checked. I believe it is checked by default.
  2. Thamba Pathmanathan
    Thanks Chris.
    That did it. Unfortunately, it doesnt clear data for any of the fields, even if I have set them to 'When Hiding - Clear Data (Includes Greyed Out)'. How do you set it so that the data is cleared for fields marked as such and not for others.
    I am creating a custom block, which has hidden fields that I dont want to be cleared. However, those who use it might want the other data in their form cleared if hidden.
  3. Thamba Pathmanathan
    Any news on this, or to put it another way what is the 'Visibility Data Clearing Policy' on the field for. It doesnt seem to be used.
  4. Thamba Pathmanathan
    Thanks Chantal.

    Another one for our Wiki :). I am pretty sure I wont be the only one who wouldnt have seen this
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    1. Chantal Thomas
      Hi Thamba,
      Use the option in the property editor > Data > Data Clearing policy > Preserve if not visible.
      PS: the Visibility Data Clearing Policy is enforced while the form is being updated by the form filler. On submit, this policy no longer takes effect. The 'Clear Hidden Data on Submit' property in the Submit button now takes effect. However this can be overridden on an individual field by using the 'Preserve if not visible' property as shown above.
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