On an Android (ICS or JB) device (using either Chrome or the native browser):
- for all entry fields using a max data length
- only when using letters (no issue if you only type numbers);
User can keep typing data in field beyond the set max data length.
The extra characters get removed on exit.

In IE 8 (Win 7):
- for multi-line fields (single line entry fields are fine)
- typing either letters or numbers
User can keep typing data in field beyond the set max data length
The extra characters only get removed on submit.

Works as expected - i.e. can't type more than the max field length - in Firefox and Chrome (Win7), all Mac browsers and iPad. (Haven't tried on Android KitKat yet)
I've logged this as a bug, but was hoping that someone might know of a workaround? Deleting data from a field without notifying the user is not good. We can add the character limit as a validation rule which at least lets the user know there's something wrong, but it doesn't help the user work out how many characters they may have to delete in for example a 600 character multi-line field.
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      1. Unknown User (support)
        Hi Lin,
        Will be fixed in V4.1.
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