Is there a way to view which user accounts are assigned to a specific organisation?
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      1. Jye Cusch
        Hi Lin,
        There are two ways I know of to achieve this. You will need to be logged in to Transaction Manager with an account that has 'Global Access' enabled and/or is assigned to the Organisation you're interested in. Your account will also need access to the 'Security > User Accounts' page, or the ability to execute Groovy scripts in the Groovy Script Console.
        Option 1 is to navigate to 'System > User Accounts', by default if you have global access and have not selected an Organisation from the dropdown menu in the top right, the page will display a list of all user accounts.
        If however you choose an Organisation from the dropdown list, the User Account page will be filtered to only display users assigned to that Organisation.

        Option 2 is to use the Groovy Script Console or a Groovy Service to execute a script that will list all users for an Organisation. An example script would be something like the following:

        import com.avoka.fc.core.dao.DaoFactory
        // Script to print a list of user accounts to the console for an Organisation

        // *** SET THIS ***
        // The Organisation name
        String orgName = "My Organisation"

        def clientDao = DaoFactory.getClientDao()
        def client = clientDao.getClientByName(orgName)

        def clientUsers = client.getClientUsers()
        println it.getUser().loginName
        println "Organisation not found."

        Keep in mind I have not tested this script in a production environment and I would recommend you conduct your own testing before usage.
        Please note that neither of these solutions will list the user accounts of administrators with Global Access that can access the Organisations, since those administrators have not been specifically assigned to the Organisations. You would need to run a seperate query to retrieve a list of users with Global Access.

        Hope this helps,
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