We have a requirement where users need to follow the wet signature user journey: enter data > print out receipt > sign on paper > scan > upload the scanned document (PNG, JPG, PDF of the signatures) to TM > deliver to BOH (receipt + pictures of wet-signed paper)


  1. Data delivered to BOH must be a single PDF (Assumed - we still need to have this confirmed, multiple PDF only documents might be an option)
  2. user must be able to upload multiple files (n pictures from mobile/scans of n paper pages signed). There might be multiple sign boxes across many paper pages.


We have been thinking about adding a last page to the form where the user would be already able to download this form's receipt PDF, sign, scan/photo and upload multiple attachments before the form is completed.

  • user wont be able to go back to the previous pages and amend the data once the last page is reached (non-editable mode on those is an option)
  • following on the previous point, post-submission we'd need to make sure that the entered data have not been amended/compromised/hacked once the PDF receipt was downloaded
  • user must be able to save/resume the same submission even after reaching the last form page if they wish to print out the receipt and do a final submit later on.

When the user completes the form we would display the attached pictures in the same form receipt generated by TM post-submission at the end of the receipt document/form. There are concerns on resizing and changing quality of the pictures we still need to speak with the client about.

This means that before the submission delivery kicks in we would have a single submission PDF receipt with all user data entered and wet signature pictures (user uploads).

We are also aware of the out of box wet-sign user space page which we are not keen to use for various maintenance, styling and other reasons. We love FTX (smile)

Has anybody developed a similar flow or have any suggestions, things to watch for to share?


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      Miro, you can have a predefined document type that is associated with the scanned wet-signature document that user uploads, and submission completed processor/delivery checkpoint can merge standard pdf receipt with scanned document and produce a single receipt. You can possibly attach that merged document as attachment against the submission or update existing pdf receipt with merged pdf. 

      1. Miroslav Botka

        thanks Nirmal, merging multiple PDF documents was our next option. What do you mean by "predefined document type that is associated with the scanned wet-signature document "?

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