I am using a cascading dropdown manager for two dropdown llists. From the form, it is populated correctly and I can see the values being set correctly in the Form Data XML in Transaction Manager. However, when a task is assigned and I go to open up the assigned task, the dropdowns are blank.,

  1. Miroslav Botka

    Hi Diana, can you please provide more details on how the reference data for the cascading manager (values to be populated in the 2 DDLs) is set? Eg. are you using a TM form prefill service or static data set in a form Data-Field?

  2. Diana Pattenden

    The data set comes from TM form property in XML format.

  3. Miroslav Botka

    thanks Diana, I tested can you please describe how the task was created? Eg: 1. if from TM Admin UI > Assigned Tasks > New: what details did you enter? 2. or via Groovy service? can you provide the code which creates the task? 3. or via collaboration jobs? can you provide json extract of the action where the task is created I tested using in TM 4.3.3 using TM Admin UI (point 1.), Task type = "Form" and the property prefill logic ran properly.

  4. Unknown User (mantaki)

    Hi Diana, What is the status of this question? Is it resolved? If not please give further details. And if resolve please share.

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