For the Delivery Rest API, if an error occurs during any of the calls what Responses does the end user get back?

For Example, if the below are called, and the server or underlying service fails what responses does the user get back?



Or even for the calls to GET the XML data, PDF Receipt, Attachments?




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      Hi Martin,

      These REST APIs use the standard HTTP response codes for errors:

      • 400 - Bad Request
      • 401 - Not Authorized
      • 404 - Not Found
      • 500 - Server Error

      regards Malcolm


      1. Matthew van Bockel

        Hi Malcolm, Just related to this, for a success response, is the response code always 200? Or is there a range of 2xx codes returned? Regards, Matt

      2. Malcolm Edgar

        For the Delivery API a success status code is always 200 there are no other 2xx codes returned. The actual errors codes used by this API are: * 400 - Bad Request if a invalid request was made * 403 - Forbidden if the user was not authorized to perform the request * 404 - Not Found if requested resource was not found * 500 - Internal Server Error if an unexpected error occurred * 503 - Unavailable if manually configure to be offline regards Malcolm

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