Is it possible to copy a transaction in TM? It would be super useful to be able to do this from a debug/support point of view. 

  1. Jye Cusch

    Hi Brett, this should be possible with a Groovy Script. Could you elaborate on the use case for this functionality?

  2. Unknown User (mantaki)

    Hi Brett, Just wanted to know the status of this question. If not yet resolved, could you please answer Jye's question and any further background information. Otherwise, if question is resolved, please share.

  3. Mike Chen

    I am encountering the same requirement, wondering if we can clone an existing application. I can see in Groovy API you can use SubmissionDao to retrieve a submission with a given tracking number, but that returns a submission object.

    However, my question is how can we convert submission into submission XML? cause if I can get Submission XML,  I can manipulate it inside prefill service.

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