Trying to work out the Collaboration/workflow feature that is in TM. Following the documentation of composer_guide_V4.0 on page 155 it says;
"In TM, go to "System -> Service Definitions -> Copy button" and fill in the dialog:"
In the picture example you can select Service type as job controller and the existing service name of 2 Step review with applicant update.

But following this, we have no options to select in existing service name.

Did our version of TM4 not come shipped with the The Standard 2-Tier template, or I am misunderstanding it all?

Also is there any more documentation on collaboration and workflows?

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      1. Unknown User (support)
        Hi Don,
        You will need to create a new Service Definition to use.
        Steps to do this:
        1. Go to System > Service Definitions
        2. Click New button3. Select Service Type > Job Controller
        4. Choose your Service Template
        5. Give it a Name and assign to Organisation
        You should then be able to finish your workflow.
        For more information on Collaboration jobs please refer to the tm_administration_guide_v4.0 which can be downloaded from the Documentation section of Zendesk.
        Please let us know if you require more information.
        Thanks, Nelly

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