I'd like to change the standard mycompany.smartformcloud.net domain to one of our subdomains (forms.mycompany.com). What is the process to do this in such a way that we still use HTTPS/SSL?
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      1. Chantal Thomas
        By default, Avoka configures the solution using a standard domain name, i.e. *.transactcentral.com. This provides for URLs to the customer portals such as https://'customername'.transactcentral.com/forms/formname
        Where the customer requires their own domain name e.g. forms.customername.com the following needs to happen:

        Supply the following information to Avoka for each domain name, so that Avoka can generate the CSR request :-

        Separate domain names needed for Production and for any non production environments.
        Common name must not be a apex zone name (i.e. it can be something.customer.com but it can't be customer.com)

        AvokaGenerate the CSR and send to the customer

        CustomerSubmit the CSR to your preferred SSL certificate company (Thawte, Verisign, etc.) to request a signed certificate. Send certificate details to Avoka

        AvokaInstall the certificates onto service

        AvokaSend the CNAMEs for the service back to Customer

        CustomerConfigure the DNS service CNAME records to map to the provided CNAME of the service.
        When configuring the DNS the 'A' records are not applicable, due to the load balancer's not having fixed IP addresses. A CNAME record needs to be used instead.
        Avoka place an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) in front of the production server(s), even if there is just a single server instance behind the ELB. This allows the customer, the flexibility to scale quickly later on, with minimal (if any) interruption. It can also reduce downtime when we apply service packs, upgrades etc

        AvokaIf needed - adjust the context path to the portal

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