When I create a new organisation in Maestro, and then attempt to create a new form, there are 4 options available to me in the "Template" dropdown box:

  1. Core - Empty form
  2. Maguire - Default form
  3. Maguire - Early Access
  4. Maguire - Empty Form

What are the differences?

Specifically: Which one should I use to build demos, to show prospects the power of Avoka Transact? How unstable is "Early Access" (is it developer only, or ready for form authors? Should I expect bugs?)

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      Hi Sacha,

      The UX Team is working on a next generation template that you can use for future demos.

      For now, I suggest that you can use 'Maguire - Default form' or the 'FSI Template' that I created for Finovate.

      Whichever you use, I suggest creating a new demo template extending one of these core templates so that you can tweak and add as many brands as you like e.g. 'Maguire - AUS Demo Template' or 'FSI - AUS Demo Template'. Chris Howell is already following this approach with an 'FSI - US Demo Template',



      1. Unknown User (strube)

        Great! How do I get a hold of the 'FSI Template' that you created for Finovate? I suppose I need to import a custom library into my demo org?

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      Core - Empty is a very raw template, which could form the basis of completely new templates, although in practice people have been mainly using Maguire as a starting point.

      The Maguire templates implement the component properties and styling that is our current default "Look and Feel". The Default one contains a standard FTX setup with navigation, modal pages etc. The Empty one is ... empty.

      Early Access is an older, deprecated version of the default template, left in for backwards compat with some earlier projects. Maybe the naming could be better.

      Normal project process is to create a new template that extends Maguire Default, implement branding and styling as necessary and build forms off that.

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