Client has asked if push notifications are available for devices.
Example of use being if a task is reassigned and the person who has the task taken off them doesn't sync their device, then goes on to complete reassigned task unbeknownst to them.

Or is there another way of getting advised? I notice in the preferences on the mobile device that the sync intervals modes are Immediate / background / manual.
Not sure on the differences of the three and usage
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      1. Chantal Thomas
        Hi Don,
        There is no way to notify the previous user about the reassignment of a task because we don't support push notification in TransactField.
        The closest you can get is to set sync mode to Immediate or Background and set portal property "Auto Sync Interval" to something low (like 5 minutes).
        When users 'syncs', the reassigned task should be removed from his task list.

        Sync modes are:
        Manual - only when user taps sync icon and mandatory first login sync
        Background - manual + periodically (based on the aforementioned property)
        Immediate - background + after each login, form, task save, submit, delete etc.

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