According to the documentation, the getFileUploadData() method from the com.avoka.fc.core.entity.FileUploadData object is deprecated.

what's the alternative?

I need to retrieve the byte[] data from a form attachment and the method above seems not to rise compilation errors but the resulting file seems to be corrupted. Therefore, I would assume while I manage to get all the attachment properties, the byte array representing the file doesn't work using the "getFileUploadData()" method.

Here's the code I'm currently using



Any help would be appreciated.

My version details:

Transaction Manager 4.1.5
Build Number 40001

Thank you,


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    1 answer


      Hi Carles,


      Please use below instead.


      ISubmissionDataStorageService submissionDataStorageService = ServiceLocator.getSubmissionDataStorageService(submission);

      byte[] bytes = submissionDataStorageService.getAttachment(singleFileUpload);

      1. Carles Tierno

        Hi Nirmal, Many thanks for your reply. The proposed code threw a compilation error but I finally managed to get the bytes from the attachment using the line below byte[] FileBytes = submissionDataDao.getAttachment(singleFileUpload) The output stream resulting file got correctly constructed and it could be opened nornally. Many thanks for your help!

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