Is there a way how to create a Review Task of the same form template (Version) as the original submission in groovy?

We are using 

def taskParams = new ReviewTask()
taskParams.formDataXml = xmlData

taskParams.portal = portal
taskParams.form = taskForm

taskParams.reviewSubmission = origSubmission


def reviewTask = ServiceFactory.submissionTaskService.createReviewTask(taskParams)

however with the above code if the origSubmission is of the form version 2.0, the form version of the Review Task will be the current one (already 4.0). 

cheers, Miro

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      Is the value of [taskForm] with version [4.0]? Try removing the line [taskParams.form = taskForm]

      1. Miroslav Botka

        thanks for the comment Radoslav, however unfortunately it didnt work. The problem is in the underlying TM APIs which take the current Template/Version when the "createReviewTask" method is called.

      2. Radoslav Ivanov

        According to implementation, form is taken from [taskParams.form] or [origSubmission.form]: // If form not specified then use the previous submissions form Form form = param.form; if (form == null) { form = param.reviewSubmission.getForm(); }

      3. Miroslav Botka

        Hi Radoslav, the problem is on this line submission.setVersion(form.getCurrentVersion()); Form is just a "parent" entity for specific form Versions (Template entities, 1:n relation) It'd be great if the service method accepts a Version object and takes that one as of which Form - Version the new task should be created.

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