I just want to leverage best practice with as little as possible effort, and assuming that is already been created.


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      Not sure if anyone has already done this, but in case they haven't...

      If you just want to verify that it's formatted correctly, a fairly simple regular expression should do it. Something like: ^\d{3}-\d{3}$. You can test this here: https://regex101.com/

      If you actually want to verify it against the list of BSB's, it's a bit more work - you'll need to download the BSB list, store it on TM, and set up a dynamic data service to verify.

      You can download from here: http://bsb.apca.com.au/public/BSB_DB.NSF/publicBSB.xsp

      1. Unknown User (strube)

        I ended up going with the following: ^\d{3}[\s-]*\d{3}$ ...as the literal dash in the middle is optional, or could be substituted with a space character.

      2. Unknown User (strube)

        I'm sure you could get a lot more complex than this too, and get something closer to an actual list search.

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