I have a Text[Rich] and Dropdown List on my form, I wanted to change the contents of this field when user selects an option from Dropdown list.  I can achieve that with Text Field, which has property of Calculation under Rules (as shown below). I cant find same for Text[Rich].


Also I was unable to find the selection change event of Dropdown list. ideally I wanted to find an event which fires when value in Dropdown list changes and then based on selected value I will be able to set the text for Text[Rich] field.


so I dont mind the approach, all I want to achieve is to set value of Text[Rich]  based on dropdown list value.

  1. Mark Murray

    Hi Touqeer,

    did you find an answer to this problem?

    I have a similar need.

    I want to add a Text[Rich] to the footer of the page to display the form version number (TemplateVersionNumber).

    I added a BusinessRule that uses sfc.setRawValue, but it does not update the value of the text field.

    Using sfc.debug I can see the information is correct in the console, but the text field is not updated.




  2. Ben Warner

    Hey Mark, please try my answer below and let us know how you go.

  3. Mark Murray

    Hi Ben, All done. I used the 'Floating Field' approach and managed to get this working. Thanks Mark

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1 answer


    In Composer, to use dynamic content in a rich text you need to use floating fields. Open the properties of the rich text component and use the 'Insert Floating Field' button to select the field you wish to include:

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