I'm having trouble deleting a collaboration job controller service from TM. I keep getting an error saying "The Service Definition cannot be removed because it is being used."

I've removed the config from all forms that were using it, and I've cancelled and deleted all outstanding collaboration jobs. What do I need to do to be able to delete the service?

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      Hi Chris,

      The issue is that you can't delete a Job Controller when there are completed job instances still linked. I assume you would like to keep these.

      I understand your reason for wanting to delete the Job Controller service is that it was initially imported into your TEST environment but were not assigned an organisation. Subsequently you want to import the Job Controller in an application package from you DEV environment which has all services assigned to an organisation and this is failing.

      This applies to all services not just Job Controller Services. A service without an organisation specified is called a global services. Global services can be called from any organisation. 

      Changes were made in TM 5.0 that allow 2 different organisations have services with the same name. However there is a restriction that an organisation service cannot be created if it has the same name as a global service and visa versa.

      The work around is to rename the services that were initially imported and linked to the job instance. This will allow the application package to be imported.


      Larry Bunton

      Collab Jobs Lead.


      1. Chris Reid

        Thanks Larry - renaming the service worked

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