I have a block button group with label 1,2,3. At the moment, I am only able to select one option. Is there any way to select more than 1 option (e.g. 1 and 2)?

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      Hey Stephanie, the button group is just a Radio Button group under the hood with different styling.

      You could get the functionality you want with a Checkbox Group but currently the pallet only contains a Data Driven Checkbox Group, which means you need to set the options programatically.

      I have also added a ticket for the Maestro team to create a standard Checkbox Group component type for you (Ref #: TPD-4024).

      In the mean time the following steps should give you what you want:

      1. Locate the Data-Driven Checkbox Group in the pallet, right click then select Available Styles for Data-Driven Checkbox Group and add the Button Group style in the dialog that appears.
      2. Add a Data-Driven Checkbox Group to your form from the pallet and in the Properties tab change the Data Source to data.$myOptions (or alternative name of your preference)
      3. In the Styles tab remove the 2 shared styles named Maguire Checkbox and Maguire Checkbox Group, then add the shared style Button Group.
      4. Click on Form Options at the top, select Form Rules then create a new Load rule with the following script, modifying the values in quotes to suit your requirement:
      data.$myOptions = Calc.pipedSelection("One|Two|Three")

      Preview your form and you should see something like this, allowing multiple selections:


      1. Ben Warner

        Did this give you the functionality you need Stephanie?

      2. Stephanie Siao

        Hi Ben, sorry for the late reply. I just gave it a try and it is giving me what I wanted. Thank you so much for your help!

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