I use iText Acrofield to set fields in PDF.


I have a requirement where for any currency amount render them like “1,234.50”

I can see in the submission XML, it has “1234.5”, my question is in Maestro, can you make it generate

“1,234.50” in submission XML?

Or do I need to some sort of conversion before rendering the currency field?

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      Numeric values are stored as raw data in the XML. The styling of these values is handled by the form and the receipt template (when using the auto-generated Avoka receipt).

      If using iText receipts, they will no know how to format these values as they do not know the data type, so you will need to perform this formatting manually.

      I would suggest you could do this formatting in the form using JavaScript and store the result in a hidden data field - then map that value into the iText receipt.

      1. Ben Warner

        Did this resolve your query Mike?

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