I am trying to find a way to get a report on all our active forms in production with following parameters:

  • Form name
  • Form ID
  • When it first went live: this could be the date the form archive was imported as that is the only way we publish forms in prod.
  • An additional data string to indicate form owner categories. Could we use Ref Form ID for this? Or get it from a data extract in the form?
  • And maybe if it's a payment or not - and if it is, whether it's CC or BPAY. (This may not be vital.)

Any tips on how to go about this?

(And any explanations on how to use that Ref Form ID? It's just one of those things we've never used and wonder what it is for.)




  1. Lin VanOevelen

    Matt made some progress on getting some of these data using an SQL query.

    But one parameter we are still stuck at is to find out when the form was first imported into prod. We could have used the form promotion property for that, but we haven't used it for all our forms and we need this report to be backwards compatible.

    The form import log doesn't seem to provide a reference to the form it was imported to. And we often have to edit the archive file names when we export them because the path is too long.

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