Does anybody know the sorting order in the History section? It looks random to me.

Also, it would apepar the search engine for this sections works with the tracking code and subject. Can it work for any other field?

The search engine in the Task list seems to work for any other field/form content.

What woul be the logic behind both search engines?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you,


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      Hi Carles,

      The transaction records in the Work Space History page are ordered by the date they were created, or when they were first opened. 

      Attributes which are include in the search field include:

      • Tracking Code
      • Receipt Number
      • Transaction Reference Number
      • Job Reference Number
      • Submission Data Extract values if configured

      If Work Space property "Search Task Attributes" is configured on (default is off), the search will also include:

      • Task Subject
      • Task Message
      • Task Address

      Note the above task search attributes are not included by default for performance reasons.

      regards Malcolm Edgar

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