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    I'm not clear on your use case.

    But you can set arbitrary data values (not bound to fields) that are available in the data object in other scripts. E.g.

    data.$myValidationMessage = "...";

    1. Blake Hunter

      My use case was making a call to a DDS and returning a validation message depending on if the request was successful or not. I didn't want to put this in the validation script for because I cannot control how frequently the validation script and therefore the DDS would be called (I don't want to make repeated DDS requests). I would rather make one DDS call in my Change script and set the validation message there.

    2. Ben Warner

      Ok, I get it now. Using the data.$customVariable method I described above should satisfy that use case. Please let me know if it does. Otherwise I can provide some more advanced examples of how we've resolved similar use cases in the Avoka Exchange program.

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