I am trying to work with form bundling using some payment forms.

Just wanting to know if it would be best to design the form bundle experience to deal with the payments from all forms on the last confirmation form or to deal with the payments after each payment form as you progress through the bundling. Anyone have any ideas on this?

I have tried to deal with the payments after each form but the confirmation page doesn't show the forms left to complete in the bundle. it is only when i refresh the page that it shows the information. i can see in the html confirmation page that it is using    #if ($jobVO) to determine if it should display the form bundle information. seems that it only recognises $jobVo once you refresh the page.??

also if I have the start form set up to take a payment, it looks like the last form takes you through to payment as well witht he same information, even though you have already done this in the first form.



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      Hey Don,

      From a customer experience perspective it would be a better design to ask for payment only once at the end.

      One way to handle this might be to inject a 'Payment Summary' form once the bundle is complete, showing itemized costs for the user with a 'Confirm and Pay' button that submits the form and takes them to the payment processing screens.

      1. Ben Warner

        How did you go with this Don?

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