This document here - Multi-Environment Support#EnvironmentSupport-_Toc244934564_sec_migratingform_Toc425499178MigratingaForm

has a description on how to import form versions and a screen shot of the import screen. This screenshot includes the "import options" section. 

I'm hoping to find a description of each of the options and what they affect. Some are obvious, others - their impact is less obvious. The specific one I am interested in is "Delivery Channels" - if I am importing from UAT to production, is this going to bring over all my UAT delivery settings?


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      Hi Fiona,

      the Form Version Import confirmation page in Transact 5 has been updated to make it easier to understand.  Please see below.

      With regards to the question on Delivery Channels, on import if the associated Delivery Channel is already configured with the Organization it will be associated with the form.  Please note this will not automatically create a Delivery Channel on the target server it it does not exist.  This is also the same behavior with Application Package imports.  We should probably look at adding support to Application Packages to include Delivery Channel creation.

      regards Malcolm Edgar


      1. Miroslav Botka

        So basically the option Fiona refers to is importing the link to an org delivery channel only (not the delivery channel itself). BTW, the ability to pack up a few other TM resource types into an org package would be great, eg: reports, property types, roles, groups. Adding non-org resources to an app package would be a great option too.

      2. Fiona Muir

        Thanks both! I am asking because I'm just worried I might remove or edit some critical production setup by importing something from UAT.

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