Is it possible to prefill a Text Display with properties from the Form Prefill Property Mapping?  


I am trying to populate the authenticated user  Given name on render and can get it working in a Text Field but not Text Display.



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      Yes this certainly is possible. Using a data field to hold the value.

      1 Drag on a data field and a text display

      2 Select the data field and ensure it is included in the submission data by going to the data tab and selecting "include in submission data"

      3 Now on the text display, click the text display caption edit button:

      4 In the rich text dialog, click insert field value:

      5 Double click the data field from the tree to insert the value:

      6 Publish your form and link up the property prefill mapping to the data field XPath

      Load your form and you will see the value in the text display

      1. Boyd Statton

        Thanks David this works great

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