We tried to do this in Composer but it turned out to be too fiddly and we couldn't use formatting.

Just wondering if it would work in Maestro.

We would like to create a TM form property for an agency's contact details.

E.g. we'd have a TM property - a string - called Agency name.

We would then like to refer to this in a calculation script on a text display component in a couple of spots in the form, like the receipt block footer.

The reason why we would like to use a TM property is because we may also use this on the landing page, the confirmation page (for payments or non payments) and the delivery email. If the agency name changes - which happens way too often! - we can then change it in one spot to update it in all those places. And the best thing about doing it via TM would be that we won't have to republish the form for the change to take effect.

If it isn't possible, I suppose we could use a data extract instead, but that would mean we need to republish each form to change it.

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      The question and answer in Property Prefill Mapping for Text Display should be enough to answer this question.

      You will need to use the "property prefill mapping" feature in TM to prefill the form data with the form property.

      The make html markup work as well. Follow this question and answer:  Is it possible for text display components to refer to data fields with html markup?

      1. Lin VanOevelen

        That doesn't allow me to use the html formatting in the TM property.

      2. David Moore

        Please see my revised answer. There is already another question that has that answer about HTML markup in text displays.

      3. Lin VanOevelen

        Fantastic! This worked for us and will save us a whole lot of time.

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