I'm trying to use one form to cater for two brands. I'd like to be able to alter the brand (theme, colours etc) based on the url.

For example:

  • example.com/forms/?form-code=myform&brand=brand1 > primary colour = blue
  • example.com/forms/?form-code=myform&brand=brand2 > primary colour = green


is this possible?

I know I can publish the form twice, but that presents some other challenges. I'd prefer to use one form and add some dynamic behaviour.

We are currently using Composer, but Maestro will be available soon, so either solution may be workable.




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      By mounting the form twice on Transact Manager, you can have two URLs to two different brands, identified by URL parameter. This is a superior solution, as each form payload only includes the data for one brand (optimisation, administration and obfuscation from a client point of view)

      If the overhead associated with publishing is an issue, please consider that Composer templates can be set up to automatically publish each time to both brands automatically. To set this up, you need a dedicated template which references both brands, and your form needs to be built on this template (or imported into it).

      You can take advantage of this feature by adding the following content to your template:

              <variant name="Alpha" label="Brand Alpha" technologies="html-desktop,html-receipt">
                  <stylesheet name="Brand-Alpha" category="Brand"/>
              <variant name="Beta" label="Brand Beta" technologies="html-desktop,html-receipt">
                  <stylesheet name="Brand-Beta" category="Brand"/>





      1. Unknown User (strube)

        The result of this is that when you hit publish in Composer, there will be a checkbox selection which brands you wish to publish. On redirect to TM and successful import you will be presented with a table of published forms, each row showing a link to edit the configuration.

      2. Mark Murray

        Hi Sacha, that sounds like the best option. I'll explore that further. Thanks Mark

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      This is not currently possible, but is something we are looking at for Maestro 5.1.

      1. Mark Murray

        Thanks for the reply Tim. I'l keep an eager eye on this. Thanks Mark

      2. Alejandrina Mohammed

        Hi Tim, it's been a while since this question was asked. Do we have this capability in Maestro now?

      3. Ryan Mazi Thomas

        Hi Tim, this is something that is coming up more and more these days. Please could you give us an update on progress including this feature in Maestro? Thanks!

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