First, as it is my first post here, I would like to greet everyone and to introduce myself quickly. I'm enterprise architect @ IBM, architecture system owner on a customer onboarding project for a major french bank where Avoka is a key player.


I would like to know if it is possible to modify the Date picker layout to remove the "now" displayed in the lower right corner


Thx in advance for your help.


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      Hey Fabrice, welcome to the Avoka Community! Great to have you here...

      There may be a few ways to hide this 'Now' link but I can give you a tip for hiding using CSS and a shared style:

      1. In Maestro select your date picker field in the design view and open the Style tab in the right panel.
      2. Open up the Item Appearance section and click New Shared Style at the bottom:
      3. Call the new style 'Hide Now Link' and Save. Your new shared style should now appear in the list of shared style under Item Style
      4. Select the Hide Now Link style and open the section at the bottom where style attributes are configured.
      5. Click the Edit Custom CSS button and update the CSS as follows, then save
      form[name='form'] {
          .hide-now-link-26977 {
              div.calendar-picker div.buttons button + button { display: none; }

      Preview the form to ensure the Now link is no longer presented.

      If you want to apply this shared style to all your date pickers you can use the right-click menu:

      I hope that answers your query Fabrice!

      1. Fabrice Bacou

        Hi Ben,

        thank you so much it is working fine !

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