I want to hide in repeat block delete buttons for some items but not for whole repeat block. How can I achieve that?

I was thinking of using jQuery but I believe there's better way to do that 


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      Hi Sebastian,

      Delete buttons have their own visibility rule you could use to achieve this. The "Repeat Delete Button" comes with logic to hide itself based on the properties of the parent repeat found under the "Button Options" of the repeat.

      Additional logic can be added to this visibility rule to hide the delete button. As an example here is a repeat with an added "Hide Delete" checkbox to hide the delete button when it is checked.

      Now we can update the visibility rule of the delete button to use this checkbox to hide the delete button.


      With this we can now dynamically hide the delete button using the value of the checkbox : 


      1. surendarvel

        Hello TIm,

        Thanks for the updates. I am facing one more challenge that need to hide a selected option froma dropdown in a repeat block. Like i have three values one, two and three. If i choose two and press add item the dropdown should show only one and three.could u please help on this

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