In the Fluent API is there a way to tell the difference between a transaction that was manually saved by an applicant vs. an application that was automatically background saved?

In the TM Core API the following method could be used for this:

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      Hi Jye,

      Currently TM 5.0.2 does not expose this on the Txn value object. However this should be a fairly quick change for us to make.  Can you describe the use case for this?

      regards Malcolm

      1. Jye Cusch

        Thanks Mal, the use case is for sending a notification email to applicants if their application was background saved but they exited the application without saving manually. We need to send an email letting them know the data was not lost and provide a link back to the saved form.

      2. Jye Cusch

        I see that this was added in the 5.0.3 Release of Transact Manager. Thanks again Mal

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