I have a scenario, but not sure if collaboration jobs can handle it, any help will be much appreciated.

One of my client asked me can we do the following scenario

  1. Adviser fills in data on behalf of investor.
  2. Investor is not present, so there is a collaboration job which will send the application to the investor for approval and uploading of their signature.
  3. The investor decided to not to upload the pdf, rather, print the pdf, sign it and mail it back to the adviser, and ask him to upload the form on the investor's behalf.

I understand at step 2, the collaboration job is at a waiting state, but if step 2 is never completed by the investor, but we want to the adviser to upload the pdf, and at the same time invalidate any outstanding waiting state in collaboration job, is that possible?  


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      Hi Mike,

      Here are some approaches that you can use:

      1.  Is the Step 2 Task anonymous? If so the Adviser can open, upload the signed page into an in-form attachment widget, and complete the form on behalf of the user.

      2. Have a groovy script find the Task and reassign it to the Adviser.

      3.  Have an expiry of X days on step 2. On expiry route to a new step which creates a new task for the Adviser.

      4. A groovy script can find the Task then delete it. This effectively submits the Task Status with a status of "Abandoned". It is possible to have a custom Groovy Task Wait service which then routes the abandoned submission it to a new Adviser step.
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