Im trying to move the icon for the 'currency' field in Maestro to the right side, to be used as our 'percentage' widget. I've tried playing with the custom CSS but I'm not having much luck


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      Hi Patrick, I'm not sure that you'll be able to move the percentage symbol from left to right using CSS alone as these add-on symbols are implemented using spans with Bootstrap styles.

      I also wouldn't recommend hijacking the currency field for this.

      Maestro does allow you to create new native components and add these to your palette. This is a developer task requiring a specialized training.

      I've attached a library containing a sample percentage widget, that extends the decimal field and looks like this:

      You can import this library to your Maestro project and try it out.



      1. Patrick McPhan

        Hey Ben, your widget works great, thanks. This is definitely something we'd like to be able to do ourselves - is this training something we could do?

      2. Ben Warner

        Hey Patrick, we are not able to offer this training currently but this is absolutely the intention. The documentation still being produced - following that there will be training resources developed. Sorry I don't have a timeline for you.

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