We have some overriden styles in the template and when we publish the new componenent, the ones in the template still refer to the old styles because they have been overriden.

  1. Ben Warner

    I suspect others had the same trouble as I did understanding your question. Are you able to rephrase it?

  2. Stephanie Siao

    Hi Ben, here is a scenario breakdown of the issue: - Create new component X with style A - Add component X to the template - Modify style A of component X in template (causing it to be overriden) - Update style A at component X level - Republish component X The behaviour we are observing is that the component X in the template still refers to the old style A as it is marked as overriden. Removing and readding the style still shows that it is using the overriden style as opposed to the new library style. Does that explain it a bit better?

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    OK so in your template you have overridden a shared style and you want to remove the overridden shared style from your template so it uses the original shared style from the library.

    These overridden styles can be easily removed from the template by opening the template version in the Maestro project tree, clicking on the Resources tab, selecting the Style in question and clicking the Delete Selected Resource button.

    Reopen your template and you should see the library styles being used.


    1. Stephanie Siao

      Thanks Ben. That works!

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