I am currently implementing a lookup service for BSB in a form, I was give a whole list of BSBs, so I converted it into JSON format (about 3.5Mb in size). I wanted to persist this JSON as  a form property, so my lookup script can retrieve the property and do search based on it and return the result and display in the form.

As I tried to do it, as soon as I tried to save that large JSON payload as a form property, I was redirect to Create new property page, and the save didn't complete. I tried a couple times, and all result in the same behaviour, so I am guessing there is some kind of limit as what you can put as form property, but it is not obvious, and there was no error.

With this option out of the window, I am wondering what are my options, do I upload the JSON file as a system resource, and do lookup there? Any good suggestions?



Mike Chen

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      Hi Mike,

      Please use the form property type "Long Text" which can store larger values (the underlying storage is a CLOB). In the edit screen you will then be able to upload your JSON file.

      If you are sharing this list across multiple forms, I would recommend you store this data as a Organization Property.

      When accessing this list please use the Fluent API PropertyQuery class, and set a cacheTimeout value so this large value is stored in memory for a period rather than hitting the database frequently.


      import com.avoka.tm.query.*
      String bsbJson = new PropertyQuery()

      Please see:  PropertyQuery

      regards Malcolm



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