Is it possible to use a spinner to enter data into a text or a decimal field?

  1. Ben Warner

    Don't understand the question.

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    If you mean a numeric input field, you can select Number type in the Properties tab:

    If you wanted to constrain the number range, you could include a Load rule in Form Options like:


    The control itself does not show up/down arrows, nor does it prevent manual entry of out-of-range values.  That might need a Jira ticket to resolve.

    HTML input type=number controls are also not supported in Internet Explorer.

    1. Chantal Thomas

      Thanks Bill.

      What I wanted to appear on a numeric field, were up/down arrows.

    2. Unknown User (bfrost)

      You can get text fields to look like this, with some effort, that also works in IE:


      That styling required a few different steps:

      1. Include the JQuery UI JavaScript library in the Form: http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.9.1/jquery-ui.min.js
      2. Create a Form Load rule:
      3. Create a new shared style and add custom css:
            .ui-spinner-up { float:right; margin-top: -32px;  } 

          .ui-spinner-down { float:right; margin-top: -20px; }

      This is only really for a test... you would need to be very careful that the JQuery UI inclusion doesn't break existing behavior.  It might also be problematic for multiple fields on the same row.


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