Hi there, when a Task form is created I want the form to skip to a certain page.

I used

Fom.goToPage(9); in the form on load rule, however this does not jump to the correct page. It shows page animation and also the page it lands to is blank.


Please advise.

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      Are you counting page one as 0, and page two as 1?

      1. Unknown User (diana.pattenden)

        Sacha, it seems to work now, however it jumps to the correct page and then it disappears? We count page one as 0.

      2. Unknown User (strube)

        Are there any visibility rules on any of the other pages? (You need to count hidden pages as well, I think, from memory) - could it be that you're landing on a page which is hidden? The other thing which might cause issues is execution order. Where are you running this script? (Which rule template are you using to call that function?)

      3. Unknown User (diana.pattenden)

        I am calling the script from the Form onload rule. I will check regarding the landing page as I did check Fom.goToPage(9) and Fom.goToPage(10). There is a visibility rule on the page I am landing on to display only whhen the Form is on a particular step in the workflow (which I am).

      4. Unknown User (strube)

        It might be worthwhile to test your script under a button click script. This might rule out an execution order issue.

      5. Unknown User (diana.pattenden)

        Sacha, can I just confirm that the Form onLoad rules get fired first, and then the Page Controller is next? Then anything on that page gets executed last?

      6. Tim Stewart

        Diana, can you send a form reference to us at maestro-support@avoka.com so we can look into the problem in your case. Normally goToPage works fine in a Form Load rule. Thanks

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