I would like to write a visibility rule which is dependent on the LinkedIn status (hide the section if LinkedIn is complete or some such).

What are all the different statuses, and how can I programmatically access them?

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      Hi Sacha,

      The Exchange LinkedIn component supports 3 statuses:

      1. optin - This is the initial status
      2. summary - In this state, the user summary profile details are displayed
      3. completed - Completed fetching the data and filling the fields


      You can check the status in a visibility rule as below:

      Form.items.linkedinSignIn.$getWidgetState !== undefined && Form.items.linkedinSignIn.$getWidgetState() === 'completed'

      1. Unknown User (strube)

        I haven't been able to get this to work.

      2. Ben Warner

        I suspect you are not using the LinkedIn component from the Avoka Exchange.

      3. Unknown User (strube)

        Confirming that the Avoka Exchange LinkedIn Component functions as described. Thanks.

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