is it possible to create dynamic navigation using repeats?

I have a form that may have 1 or more applicants and I want the navigation to reflect the number of applicants, based on having one page per applicant.

I could create a page for each applicant and use show if... rules, however that loses the benefits of using repeat blocks.

The result I am looking for is:

if there is 1 applicant:

Navigation = Getting Started > Applicant 1 > Apply

if there are two applicants:

Navigation = Getting Started > Applicant 1 > Applicant 2 > Apply


I have tried using repeats and Page Groups/Pages in various combinations, but cannot achieve what I am looking for.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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      Hi Mark,

      This has already been logged as a feature to add to the product and will be added in a future version.

      For now you could turn your applicant page into a custom component and use it multiple times.

      1. Mark Murray

        Hi David,

        thanks for the information; I'll keep an eye out for the new feature.

        In the meantime I'll work with the 'use multiple times' option.


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